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Jenna Steven- Boomtown Keyword

Increase Revenue with Google Shopping

While there’s many ways to increase the revenue for your ecommerce store, one method that is often overlooked is the use of Google Shopping Ads (also known as Product Ads). Mostly like you’ve seen Google Shopping ads before. They typically appear when you perform a search for a product within Google. Here’s an example of how shopping ads might appear if I were to search for “hammocks”. Google Shopping ads tend to be particularly effective because they showcase a high quality image as well as a price of the product. Because these ads now appear at the top of the search listings, your product will appear where searcher will automatically look the most. Product ads command attention and ultimately clicks. A recent study by wordstream revealed that for majority of product queries, the product ads received 64% of the clicks.

So how do Google Shopping Ad works?

Well, there’s two platforms that facilitate the shopping campaign: Adwords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where your product data feed live, as well any shipping or tax information and Adwords is where your shopping campaign lives. Adwords is where you control your bids, budget, targeting and all other settings. Unlike text ads, with product listing ad you aren’t bidding on keywords. Instead you’re bidding on your products and Google decides what keywords are relevant based on your data feed. Of course you can keep your clicks relevant through the use of negative keywords just like with text ads.

So Why Use Google Shopping?

  • Attract New Customers- Google Shopping is an easy way to reach  new customers.
  • Lower CPC-  Within Google Shopping, you can typically bid lower and target longer tail keywords that often times have a higher ROI.
  • High Buyer Intent- When a user clicks on a pictures of your product with it’s price listed, they are showing a pretty high interest and purchase intent.

So, if you sell physical products online and are looking to increase your revenue, why not try Google Shopping. For more information or to set up your shopping campaign, contact us today!