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Copyright Infringement

Marketing Mistakes With Real-Life Consequences

During this webinar with Philadelphia Attorney Stuart Carpey, we discuss the idea of online copyright infringement, especially pertaining to images. People and businesses alike are actually constantly breaking the law in this respect without even being aware of it – an image, whether it be a graphic, a photo, or some combination of the two, is the creator’s intellectual property. And it doesn’t matter if you’re putting it in a blog post that will get 10 readers or in an article that will get 1,000,000 readers: using someone’s property without their permission is a kind of theft.

Copyright infringement is a serious crime and, should the creator of an image choose to press charges against businesses that use his or her image without permission, businesses may suddenly find themselves in a whole mess of fines and legal documents (which is never good).

Also covered in the webinar is the issue with businesses that use fake reviews to increase their online ratings. Read about it on Carpey Law’s blog!