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Mobile Search Advertising

What’s New with Mobile Search Advertising?

Search ads on mobile devices connect people and businesses in useful and relevant ways, allowing people to make better (and more informed) decisions when they have access to more information.  Recently, new mobile search ad formats have been revealed, allowing businesses to benefit from mobile advertising in different ways.

The worlds of apps and search are joining together and changes are in the works for mobile advertising.  Here are a few changes you can expect to see:

Mobile App Search Ads:  Many mobile apps allow people the ability to search for information (take for example, an app that allows you to search for a nearby restaurant).  Google mobile is announcing a Custom Search Ad for these apps.  Ads will provide useful and relevant answers for people searching for information within a mobile app.  These custom search ads will also aid app developers earn more and fund their apps, growing their mobile businesses.

Mobile App Extensions:  This is a new beta ad unit that enables businesses to use mobile search ads to direct visitors to pages within an app already installed on their phone.  If a searcher is looking for shoes on a mobile device, they’ll be shown an ad that directs them to an application already installed on their phone.

“Click to Download”:  Many users search Google for information about mobile apps before they download them.  New ad formats will help consumers when they search for app information, taking them directly to the App store (or Android Marketplace) to download their purchase.  

Local Search Ads

New local mobile ads make them more useful for both businesses and consumers.  Check out a few examples of what you’ll be seeing on your smart phones:

Hyperlocal Search Ads:  Contain local information (phone numbers, driving directions, a number to call, and how far a person is from a specific location).

Click to Call:  Effective in generating leads for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

Proximity is a Factor:  The distance between you and an advertiser’s physical location is now a factor in search ad ranking.  The closer the business’ physical location, the more relevant the ad and the more mobile traffic they can drive for a lower cost.  This feature is only effective when consumers choose to share their device location.  If you’re interested in Location Extension ads (especially for the holiday season when searchers are using mobile devices to find nearby stores), this feature will connect mobile customers with storefronts.

Mobile search and ads are just kicking off—the possibilities are endless.  We look forward to helping our clients take advantage of the new mobile frontier.  If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact a Boomtown rep: