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Optimizing and Tracking Conversion Rates: The Heart of a PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have quickly become one of the most popular online advertising strategies; however, many people are still in the dark about how to make the most of them. Companies will spring to spend an inordinate amount of money on PPC, but don’t know what features are driving traffic to their Web sites.

An important part of understanding the success of your PPC campaign is optimizing and tracking conversion rates. Tracking conversion rates is one the most straightforward methods of determining the success of paid advertising. It explains to the business owner if their call to action is being reached, whether that is a phone call, an online purchase, a sign-up, or any other valuable initiative made by the customer.

Optimizing and tracking conversion rates are not difficult. In fact, Google Adwords offers a wonderful tool called Conversion Optimizer, which does just that. Though there are exceptions to when this tool is useful, here are 3 main benefits of considering Conversion Optimizer:

Automatic Matching Relevance

Sure, millions of people are searching for your services per month, but are you targeting the right audience? Conversion Optimizer ensures that the ads appear on relevant search queries. For example, a potential Web site visitor may be searching for HVAC repair in Philadelphia, but if your King of Prussia based business appears in the query that visitor may be less likely to convert.

Free Automated Bid Management

Automated Bid Management is a feature of Conversion Optimizer that saves an incredible amount of time and money. This program does the same tasks as commercial automated bid management tools, with one major benefit – it’s free!

Leveling Search Volume with an Advertiser’s Budget

Often times search volume exceed the advertiser’s budget, which poses problems for companies or government organizations that cannot afford to increase spending. With Conversion Optimizer advertisers can increase their conversion rates significantly at no extra charge by showing ads on searches that are most likely to convert.

Before using this tool, make sure it is right for your advertising needs. If you do decide it’s a good fit, you will find that Conversion Optimizer allows advertisers to set a stable maximum CPA while placing ads in searches where they have an account history of converting.