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Q&A: How To Come Up With Social Media Content

How Do You Come Up With Social Media Content?

 There are about as many different ways to come up with content for social media, as there are to socialize with people, meaning sort of endless. The best way to come up with your own content is to be creative, use your imagination and try to do something no one else is doing. That’s how you stand out. You could post a very plain text post about what you had for dinner or the fact that you went to the gym, but we all know people who do that and we all know how all interesting those statuses tend to be. When you’re talking about social media for a business, the best places to get content are:

  • Within your own mind- Ask yourself what information could be out there that isn’t out there? What am I missing? What do I want to know about this topic?
  • Search through other successful pieces of content from your industry- you can do this using several different tools online. Ahrefs and Buzzsumo are a couple of my favorites.
  • Play around with what other people have done- Change it up and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to throw something new into the mix and see what happens!