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Webmaster Data Integration with Google Analytics

Google announce Great News for website owners, Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) & Webmasters on 7th June, 2011. Google announced that they will be adding Google Webmaster Data directly to Google Analytics Data. Google did announce simultaneously this on there Google Webmaster Central Blog & Google Analytics Blog.

Now that the Pilot testing between Google Webmaster tool & Google Analytics integration has begun, you may opt into it by Signing up here. To see the report you will find a new section “Search Engine Optimization” under “Traffic Sources” with three sub-sections Summary, Queries and Landing Pages. Here is a snap-shoot form Google Analytic blog:

Google Webmaster Tools In Google Analytics

Not only that, but according to Google “these Search Engine Optimization reports also take advantage of Google Analytic’ advanced filtering and visualization capabilities for deeper data analysis. For example, you can filter for queries that had more than 100 clicks and see a chart for how much each of those queries contributed to your overall clicks from top queries”. Here is image from Google Webmaster Central Blog:

Google Webmaster Tools In Google Analytics Report

It is a really great feature to be able to cheek reports from both tools under Google analytic in the near future. I think most website owners commonly use Google Analytic, and now it’s also great for them to see Google webmaster tools reports under Google analytics. That’s means it will defiantly make Google analytics more powerful.


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