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A modern, optimized website can help boost your sales and set your business apart from the competition. Boomtown provides open-source website design, a particularly user-friendly, inexpensive, and customizable option for all of our clients. Our developers provide WordPress design in Philadelphia, WordPress theme design, WordPress template design, and WordPress website design. We rely on WordPress, one of the top open-source blog and website applications, to create beautiful custom sites for businesses of all sizes.

Once we set up your WordPress website, you can take over and update your website without having to call a web developer. Users with all levels of web experience can master the WordPress user panel. Modify your site as needed, by easily creating pages and maintaining them within the administration panel. If you need multiple users adding content to your site, simply create multiple passwords and usernames. WordPress is the perfect option for businesses that wish to frequently update their web content.

WordPress sites support search engine optimization (SEO), helping to boost your website’s rankings in search engines. Search engines love WordPress sites, as they prefer sites with fresh, frequently updated content. Adding tags to your pages and blog posts can help optimize your WordPress site as well. Sites using WordPress design also feature built-in tools to generate traffic, such as RSS feeds, comments, and trackback features which support link building and submission of blogs to blog directories.

Personal blog and website owners choose WordPress because of the wide variety of free themes available and online support communities. Users can change the color scheme or design of a site with a few mouse clicks without harming their site content. Because of the inexpensive nature of open-source web design, businesses choose WordPress sites as well—WordPress greatly reduces the budget needed for a custom web project. Boomtown’s web design team offers WordPress theme design and WordPress template design to build customized sites that match the look and feel of your business. We can help plan and implement themes and designs, and help you choose additional WordPress features to enhance your site.

WordPress offers plug-ins and convenient tools for website owners. Easily integrate social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter into your site to connect with your visitors. Add online payment systems, newsletters, contact forms, e-commerce elements, and more. WordPress sites easily store and manage your content, such as images, audio, video, PDFs and other documents. Whether you need a standard website, blog, ecommerce, or multi-level membership site, Boomtown can provide effective WordPress website design, WordPress themes design and WordPress template design.


Many tools will go a long way in helping you create a website that is viewer-friendly, clear, and effective. While it’s advisable to hire a consultant or company that specializes in web development in Philadelphia, you can undertake the task yourself if you are so inclined. If you are creating your own website, there are some basic design rules that you should keep in mind when designing your website.

Identify your audience. Who is your target market? If you are selling a product to athletic men, your website is going to look different thant one selling feminine products. Establish website objectives or design purposes. What is it you want your website to do?


  • Streamline your website content. Focus and define it.
  • Use simple language that can be understood by everyone globally. Otherwise, you can alienate large segments of the population.
  • Include lots of white space. Don’t cram too much onto a page. White space makes a page more visually appealing and easier to read.
  • Create an outline or concept map of your website’s information so that you may prioritize it.


Navigation should be simple, clear and logical. Layer your site maps in an organized fashion (think “outline”). The fewer clicks required to get to a specific page, the better.


Text and structure comes first in web development. After you’ve designed your basic structure, analyze the content to determine what would benefit from illustration, photos, or other graphics.


  • Choose your text color and background that offers high contrast, but is not too hard on the eyes.
  • Choose colors from a browser-safe palette (consisting of the 216 colors shared by both PC and Mac).
  • Use consistent text formatting throughout your website.
  • Avoid changing colors, italics (hard to read) and underlining words (which people will mistake for links), and overly large text.
  • Don’t use textured backgrounds (difficult to read).
  • Illustrate content by using symbiotic, simple, small, non-moving graphics.
  • Avoid dancing cats or similar moving graphics that are distracting and add nothing to the content.

Maximize Your Online Presence with Boomtown’s WordPress Web Design

In conclusion, investing in WordPress web design services offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. With Boomtown’s expertise in WordPress design in Philadelphia, you can expect modern, optimized websites that not only stand out but also drive sales. WordPress’s user-friendly interface allows for easy content management, empowering you to update your site without the need for constant developer intervention. Additionally, WordPress’s built-in SEO features help improve search engine rankings, while its vast array of themes and plugins enable customization and integration of essential tools like social media and e-commerce. Whether you’re a personal blogger or a business owner, WordPress’s affordability and versatility make it a top choice for website development. Partner with Boomtown’s web design team to unlock the full potential of WordPress and create a stunning online presence tailored to your unique needs.