Google Penalty Recovery Services

Has your website traffic dropped or have you lost rankings for keywords which you were ranking earlier? If Yes, then most probably your website has been hit by Google algorithms.

Google releases updates throughout the year to improve search queries and deliver relevant results. The Google algorithms like Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird penalize sites and drops the ranking of websites that do not follow algorithm guidelines or that use spam tactics to rank higher. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if your website has been negatively affected by one or more of these updates or if something else has caused a drop in organic search traffic. If traffic drops coincide with algorithm updates, then your site may have been punished by one of these algorithms.

At Boomtown Internet Group, we have a specialized team to analyze ranking problems caused by Google algorithms. We can help your site recover from penalties. Our expert Google penalty recovery services team performs in-depth analysis to identify opportunities for recovery of lost rankings.

Types of Google Update and How to Recover from Them

What This Means for Content Owners

Google Hummingbird makes use of all of Google’s technologies such as PageRank, Panda, Penguin, and Knowledge Graph and performs deep analysis to better understand the meaning of the words in a user’s query. This means that any drops in traffic to a website will not be a result of the content being malformed, but simply that Hummingbird’s algorithms have determined that a competitor’s site is a better, higher quality match for the specific queries.

Boomtown IG will work with content owners to better understand how Hummingbird is affecting their traffic. This will sometimes mean rewriting the content or it may mean refocusing other content, but the end result is that content will more closely match the queries used by searchers, and thus more organic traffic will reach the desired pages. This content optimization, along with other forms of SEO and Panda/Penguin mitigation techniques, forms the foundations of Boomtown’s SEO toolbox.

What the SEO Penalty Assessment Service Includes

Our Penalty Assessment pinpoints the main reasons for an organic traffic drop and lists a series of tasks to properly improve organic search engine ranking factors based on best practice guidelines.

  • Identify penalty
  • Create a task list for averting penalty
  • Review Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics for traffic loss
  • Find duplicate content, if any
  • Begin fixing the issues
  • Report progress weekly

It is difficult to give an exact timeline for when the penalty will be lifted. Linking websites may be difficult to reach for many reasons, and each project is different, depending on the number of spammy backlinks. Even though the next Google algorithm update is out of our control, the clean up of bad backlinks is something that companies need to do because the problem still remains.

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