Responsive Web Design

With the advent of new and varied ways to connect to the Internet, web traffic is no longer one-size-fits all. This means that when it comes to web design, it is not enough to make a website more visually appealing. Web design now has to adapt to fit a variety of devices.

By working with Boomtown Internet Group to create a website with a responsive web design, you can make sure your website scales to fit any sized device.

As the potential post-computer era starts to take shape, users are beginning to employ PCs less and less in favor of mobile devices like smart phones, e-readers, and tablets.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a process that allows a web page to automatically fit to the size and features of the device on which it is being viewed. This is done using something called “media queries”. What media queries do, is discover the resolution of the device that the page is being viewed on, and fit the website to it accordingly.

Visually Speaking

philadelphia-web-designFrom a visual standpoint, Responsive Web Design allows for fluid grids and flexible images to size themselves correctly to fit the screen. For example, if you’re reading this webpage on a desktop or laptop computer browser, try making your browser window smaller. In a responsive design, the content columns and images would shrink to fit within the window.


One of the biggest benefits for Responsive Web Design is the need to only create one website. Unlike previous incarnations of web design that relied on directing users to a mobile website, Responsive Web Design will work seamlessly across a wide variety of different screens, makes, models and devices.

Responsive Web Design provides the easiest and most cost-effective method to reach users throughout a variety of devices; while providing the best web experience possible to date for users.

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