Google Shopping Feed Optimization Service

Shopping ads are one of the best methods to increase sales and revenue from your website. Creating and optimizing shopping data feeds for multiple platforms can be a challenging task for you. We provide a shopping feed creation and optimization service in the Philadelphia area for Google, Bing and Facebook shopping feeds and ensure they are regularly updated and optimized for better ROI. Reach a larger audience and sell more with product feed creation and optimization for Google Shopping (previously known as Google Product Search and Froogle before that), Bing Shopping, and Facebook Shop. Let us review the steps in Google Shopping Feed Optimization.

Types of Shopping Feeds

Our Shopping Feed Optimization Service offers:

Improved Product Feed Quality with Fewer Errors

Understand your products and optimally provide as much of the correct product information with fewer errors in order to drive the customer’s attention to your shopping ads.

Optimized Products for better ROI

We optimize your product feed titles, descriptions, and other product attributes properly.

Boost Performance and Improve Reach

Identify top selling products and rank them higher in search engines to increase revenue.