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Boomtown Internet Group provides a range of WordPress design services from designing and customization to integration. We love WordPress because it’s flexible enough to accommodate nearly any requirement, and it comes with thousands of plugins that are available for free, or for a very affordable price. WordPress serves customers as an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), audio/video portal, blog, news portal, and even an eCommerce and shopping cart application. With the versatility of WordPress and our team of experienced web developers, you’ll be able to get the custom website your business needs and reap the benefits of WordPress’s marketing tools since it’s an SEO friendly platform. Boomtown specializes in providing businesses with the best WordPress design services which engage your visitors, including specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for WordPress, and we’re happy to work with our clients closely to achieve the customized website they’re looking for. In addition, we cater to all projects, both large and small.

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WordPress Design Customization and Theme Integration

WordPress is a fantastic state-of-the-art publishing platform, focusing on customized aesthetics, usability, and web standards. Its easy-to-use blogging software offers its users many benefits.

WordPress themes and plugins are mostly free, and there are many to choose from.

It’s easy to build and customize your own WordPress theme—and almost everything can be customized. WordPress offers thousands of themes from which to choose and download. We provide Custom Theme Design and Custom Plugin Development, too.

WordPress uses standard free web server technology MySQL and PHP and is simple to set up. A developer with server experience can easily install it.

The Boomtown team specializes in developing WordPress CMS (content management systems) for websites, leveraging WordPress’s technology as a platform for entire websites, or for parts of your site including blogs, forms, news, and press releases. The WordPress content management system simplifies posting and updating websites, as well as tracking, controlling, and archiving content. This allows users to custom manage content the way they prefer. Customers also enjoy WordPress’s ease of use. They’re able to update their own web pages, news items, sections, categories, product images, … virtually change any existing content, or create new items and unlimited content with WordPress CMS. Without CMS, posting a new article or web page would mean manually changing site pages, a home page, and archive, as well as require a new page for the article itself. User experience, ease of use, and WordPress CMS make this platform a great choice as a sophisticated and powerful CMS.

Boomtown’s WordPress Design Services

We’re happy to offer our WordPress design services in the Philadelphia Area, as well as explain our WordPress Development and WordPress Theme Integration services. Our WordPress Development services include custom WordPress plug creation, WordPress blog creation, WordPress CMS Development, WordPress business website creation, WordPress based e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, and custom services which can help to manage day to day online website maintenance with very little effort on your part.

Contact us to learn more about our WordPress design customization and WordPress theme integration services. Our team takes the time to learn about your company, its target audience, and its business goals before creating your versatile, scalable, easy to navigate, fast loading, and SEO friendly WordPress website. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding WP customization, WordPress theme integration, and blog services.