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Benefits-Of-TwitterSocial Media Optimization Benefits of Twitter

Twitter, a micro blogging tool which is now very popular among the youth. Here’s how twitter will be beneficial for you or your business:

  1. Research Tool: Twitter allows you insight into an amazing community of people from around the world to find out what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing in different ways. In a sense Twitter becomes a news service where you’ll quickly find if there is a breaking story somewhere in the world by watching it. Twitter is getting more popular because it’s very quick and easy to use. Wide variety of people use twitter because of the character limit of the messages which keeps communications brief, convenient and Productive.
  2. Collaboration and Networking: This interaction is helpful for business in way or the other. Such interaction can generate new ideas or can get business partner. For the ongoing partnership it can generate confidence among them. It can generate significant collaboration that can help now or in long term.
  3. Direct Traffic: Twitter is all about the direct traffic! If your twitter page is not driving direct traffic to your website then it’s useless. There are many ways to drive direct traffic to your own website from your twitter page. You need to use these key benefits.
  4. Twitter as a marketing tool: For marketers who use Twitter, this is a great way to reach out to a different demographic. Those who are not able to commit to blogging, particularly due to time restraints, Twitter could be an answer into social marketing. Using Twitter would be an interesting exercise for companies to try communicating their own announcements.
  5. Reinforce Your Personal Brand: You can use Twitter to expand your brand or to show a different side of you. Some people inject humor into Twittering that you don’t see on blogs. There’s also something a little more personal about many of the people on Twitter.
  6. Promote Content: Twitter can potentially drive traffic and promote content. Twitter provide a tool called Twitter Feed will take the titles and URLs from blog’s feeds and publish it on a Twitter account. This is a great way to promote your content.
  7. Extend Audience: Bloggers after sometime started feeling that they have been started falling towards saturation point. Such type of falling take at up to 1 year to develop and that is a real time challenge for them. Such type of situation needs some encouragement to that blogger to overcome and beat this misleading feeling. Twitter can help them much it will attract potential leaders and this definitely generate confidence in them. So Twitter can help in uplifting not only the business but also the self satisfaction.
  8. Excellent for Search Engine Optimization: You can gain popularity of your profile page of your twitter with the help of some tricks. You can found many famous people’s twitter pages which are having high page rank.
    For Example: “Brent D. Payne” is one a popular user who has 7 page rank and 21,720 followers to his profile. If you can link to their profile page, your profile will get popular and ranked.
  9. Easy Updates: Now you can use cell phone to update twitter page! This will help you to keep update with fresh and related content to your twitter page from any where and anytime. You can very easily post text from you cell phone as twitter allows 140 characters for one post. Updating your twitter profile page frequently will bring people back to find what you are posting.
  10. Find Out What People REALLY Think: Through Twitter you can get the sense of what people think on a subject, which is very good thing. Twitter helps you to know people better. Twitter also helps you to keep your finger on the thoughts of your potential readers and their requirements.


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