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SEO Criteria for Websites

If you’re thinking about hiring a SEO company to design your website, it is crucial to make sure they’re able to build-in the criteria you’ll use to determine whether or not it’s doing its job: attraction of visitors, and sales (or objective) conversion.

At Boomtown Internet Group, we know it’s not enough just to have a fancy website for your business or organization. Websites that do nothing but sit there and look pretty serve no useful purpose. In order for a site to be successful, it must be able to attract and convert. As a leading Philadelphia area SEO company, we engineer websites to do just that.


• A website attracts visitors primarily through search engines. If you want to be found on the web, your site needs the technical foundations that cause search engines to pay attention to it and fully crawl (search) it. SEO work involves many phases and stages, including the all-important keyword research and selection.

• We do research to learn the most searched keywords used by people searching for companies like yours or products similar to the ones you sell. Once we know the words, we can strategically embed them into a website’s content, page URLs and other places.

• Other features of a solid SEO plan include XML sitemaps, verification and meta tags, optimization of images, geo-targeting, blog creation and RSS integration, rewriting of duplicate content and much more. All of this contributes to higher search rankings.

• A website that attracts and stops there is no good. The site needs a written message that compels readers to act. The content must be engaging, well-written and easy to follow. The most advanced Philadelphia SEO plan will fail if site visitors leave without doing anything.

• Many websites sit dead in the water because whoever wrote them didn’t tell readers what to do – what we refer to as a “call to action.” Others fail because the writing is so confusing, no one can follow it. Still, others miss the mark because the message and headings are simply not presented in an effective manner.

Much more goes into the attracting and converting processes than we’ve been able to cover here. If your website is lagging in attraction and/or conversion, we’d be happy to explain how we can revitalize it with proven methods and make it far more attractive to both search engines and your readers. CAll (888) 454-3330, or contact us through our website,