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Philadelphia SEO Tips: How to Find Better Partners for Link Building

Link-BuildersNo matter if you are just beginning in Philadelphia SEO, or are searching for ways to super-charge your efforts, it is a well known fact that links are a critical part of online marketing. Like most facets of the online world, link building is a process that is constantly evolving.

As the process grows, some tools and methods are overused and abused. This leads to them being penalized. So instead of running around trying to do things in ways that aren’t completely safe, why not go another way? Why not try to actually create real partnerships with the individuals you’re working with?

Below are 5 easy to follow tips that will ensure that when you team with a trusted and respected website for Philadephia SEO, you will eventually be teaming with a partner.

  1. First thing is first, email a webmaster, asking for a link to your site. Yeah, yeah, I know, soft-ball tip, but hey, we have to start somewhere! The real tip is the content within the e-mail. Make sure to personalize your emails to make it stand out. Once you’ve figured out your attention getting headline, make certain to check that you’re emailing a webmaster that has a site relevant to your industry, and is worthy. Don’t waste your time, or the webmaster’s, if it isn’t up to snuff.
  2. Be discerning and industry specific. Up until about a year ago, most Philadelphia SEO link building authorities would have said that any sites which appear high in SERPs are good sites to reach out to. However, because of the astounding quantity of hacked and spam websites that pop-up in the rankings for some search terms, it is not as cut and dry of a situation. The thought of receiving a link from just about any source is outdated. Especially since Google has began taking webmasters to task if they have bad links that need be removed. Make sure to be picky when trying to partner with a site. In today’s modern link building, this is incredibly important.
  1. Non-traditional searching is key. If you’re trying to make an impact with Philadelphia SEO, you have to know where to go. So much of today’s content has migrated to social media. Use it. It is a great resource for links. There are a ton of tools available to help too. However by just typing in a keyword into Twitter, you can often times stumble upon some great potential link partner opportunities.
  2. Social media nuance. Chances are, if you are a veteran SEO Philadelphia link builder, you can tell if a website is or isn’t a good fit almost instantly. However, for those of us who aren’t the link building equivalent to Simon Cowell, it’s not as easy. A quick way to notice if a site is worth your partnership, is social media love. If you find blog post that’s relevant to your topic, has both relevant, and continuous comments, and has a good amount of social shares, it’s a keeper.
  3. Google’s Toolbar PageRank is not the be-all and end-all. Think about any teenage-centric, John Hughes movie from the 80s. Specifically the female lead. Probably Molly Ringwald. In every one of these flicks she’s interested in the rude, dangerous bad boy. All the while, unaware that her nice, but maybe not as cool best friend is in love with her. Point is, by the end of the movie she figures it out. The best friend was right under her nose the whole time. High PageRanks are the 80s bad boy of link building. Sure high page rankings matter, but just because they’re hard to get, doesn’t mean they are the holy grail of Philadelphia SEO links. Especially now, considering the variety of ways you can send traffic: sites that link to you, social media sites, guest post sites. There’s no reason to spend sleepless nights trying to get that bad boy PR 5 to notice you. A PR 1 or 2 might be right under your nose the whole time.

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