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Landing Page Design: Conversion techniques made easy.

Today Kristin Kovalick, our director of paid advertising, conducted a Google Hangout on creating landing pages that convert. You can watch the video here:

She made the following points about landing pages:

  • Each page should have one purpose and one target audience
  • Landing pages should not have too much content
  • Videos, photos and testimonials enhance landing pages
  • You can’t edit too much – make landing pages perfect
  • Make sure text is readable and contact forms are short
  • Direct the eye to the call-to-action
  • Make sure to add tracking code
  • Do not put social icons on landing pages, but do bookmark
  • Make sure there is a link to the privacy policy

She made the following points about Thank You Pages:

  • Make thank you page concise
  • Here is where you add social icons, coupons, signups and downloads

She stressed that it is very important to measure all actions and conversions on landing pages. If the landing pages are associated with Paid Ads, it is imperative to to measure for effective return on investment. To ensure that this is the case, she suggested using different pages for different products.

In her final points during the Hangout, she stressed the importance of optimizing landing pages for mobile devices. She also mentioned using microsites as landing pages (with connected paths for users) and making BtoB landing pages focused on answering the target audience’s questions.

Watch the video for more insights into landing pages that convert!

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