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Lawyer SEO: Creating Multimedia

Creating and Promoting Videos, Images, and Audio.

Google’s “Universal Search” doesn’t just display text and webpage content anymore, but now includes all relevant results for images, video, news, local results, and audio content as well.  Take advantage of this by creating and then optimizing these mediums—a high ranking video on YouTube will show up in results and drive traffic to your site.

If you do decide to explore Youtube, creating personable and informative videos is a great way to get in touch with clients, demonstrate your knowledge, and “connect” with your viewer.  It’s a fantastic way to guide viewers to your website and encourage them to pick up the phone and give you a call.

YouTube is a very effective promotional system and can build trust and connection between clientele and lawyers.  In 2008, approximately 770 million YouTube users searched for lawyer related queries. YouTube viewers and internet users prefer watching concise video clips as opposed to reading technical articles.  Creating simple and clear videos are a very useful marketing tool for lawyers and create a “bond” between individuals and clientele.  When creating online videos, be both professional in demeanor and warm.  A well crafted video can increase the conversion rate for your website and allow clients to make a positive final decision regarding the services you offer.  Your YouTube video can be placed both on your website and on YouTube, Google Video, and other free video host websites.

Creating packages, books, CD’s, multimedia (such as an eBook) for your clients. Writing, promoting, and providing free E-books, reports, consumer guides, and other useful information for your potential clients is a terrific promotion technique.  It may be time consuming, but an informative and personable monthly e-newsletter is generally highly appreciated by clients.  You can take the opportunity to provide industry updates, your reaction to current events, new services you offer, tips, and anything else you imagine would be beneficial.  Your customers and prospects will trust you and your law firm.

Create information packages you can physically send to your clients. Whether this includes free books, reports, consumer guides, CDs, DVDs, and so on, giving your potential clients this free information lets your content do your marketing for you.  And the best part is it’ll save you valuable time if you mail information packages instead of conducting time-consuming consultations and phone calls.

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