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Magento Support, Development, and Troubleshooting

Magento SupportMagento is an extremely powerful ecommerce platform that offers customers the ultimate level of functionality and speed.  Boomtown Internet Group’s highly qualified programmers are trained and experienced in the newest advances within Magento. A platform as strong as this requires consistent maintenance and support to ensure that your business runs seamlessly as changes occur.  Boomtown is your all-in-one stop for Magento development, design, hosting, marketing, and assistance.

On-Demand Magento Support
Have you implemented a Magento site, but can’t seem to reach the development team when issues arise? Boomtown Internet Group provides on-demand Magento support post-development for both routine maintenance and emergencies. Our programmers know the ins and outs of the system, able to troubleshoot issues small and large. Having problems with a sluggish or unresponsive site? Allow one of our system specialists to analyze your server capacity and recommend potential remedies – prevent site crashes before they happen during seasonal rushes. We will become as involved as you’d like us to be; whether you need the occasional question answered or someone to act as site manager, our team is available for on-going support. We understand that your business depends on the functionality of your website – you can count on quick response time and quicker resolutions.

Magento Development and Design
Our developers have several years of experience working with various technologies including Java, CSS, Drupal, Word Press, PHP, Flash, and many others. We can create and integrate complex extensions with Magento and other third party ecommerce solutions. Our developers stay abreast of the latest updates in the world of Magento in order to deliver customized results in line with business goals. Not only do we grasp the coding aspect of ecommerce stores, but we also recognize the importance of design. Each Magento website is designed and developed closely following a set of best practices to ensure your online store is a success.

Magento SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Our experienced SEO team works closely with clients to ensure their businesses achieve maximum visibility in organic search results. This includes optimizing your ecommerce platform to drive as much revenue as possible from on-site and off-site optimzation. Magento is said to be one of the most SEO-friendly online shopping carts – our team will diligently assess which actions need to be taken in order to optimize products properly. We have a tight grasp on everything from basic configuration to advanced Magento SEO troubleshooting. Our goal is that your products are found online to enhance profit. Choose Boomtown for initial Magento SEO once your store is built – we will optimize all products and categories, configure basic technical aspects, and clean up code on your template. We are also happy to assist you with Magento SEO troubleshooting that stems from duplicate content, disabled product links, and other issues that naturally arise with the ebb and flow of online commerce.

Boomtown Internet Group strives to offer a complete ecommerce solution through our extensive Magento knowledge and support base. Our goal is for your Magento store to be fully functioning 100% of the time so you never lose out on potential revenue. Make the best of the powerful resources Magento has to offer with our help!

To learn more about Magento development or support, contact a Boomtown Internet Group representative today at 888-454-3330, or shoot us a message.

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