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Marketing Ideas for Black Friday 2012


Digital Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

It’s safe to say that, because it’s Black Friday, you’ll already have customers at your door (physically or virtually). But here are some tips to attract even more buyers.

Coupons  Use your social media portals to distribute more discounts and deals. You can offer coupons specific to your different social media networks by posting coupon codes on Twitter and having other exclusive deals just for your Facebook followers. You could even distribute a limited number of very special offers to random Facebook followers to surprise the lucky winners. If you have a rewards points system, you can offer customers at each level a different percent discount on certain items depending on how many points they’ve earned.

In Stores  Amidst the Black Friday frenzy, it’s easy to focus solely on that one day, forgetting about the continuous stream of customers that will be coming between then and the holidays. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to not only attract more customers on that day, but also to provide your in-store customers an experience and incentives that will encourage them to come shopping again. For example, you can offer early-birds an additional percent off certain items (or any item in the store) just for making their purchases before, say, 9 AM. You could also do something simple but different, such as welcoming the first customers in the door with free coffee or hot chocolate. It might not seem like anything special, but your customers will feel appreciated by the gesture. And don’t forget to ask customers if they’d like to sign up for a membership, emphasizing that if they do, they’ll receive an additional 10 or 15 percent off.

Shopping Bags1Online Deals  In addition to circulating coupons online, you can offer exclusive online discounts. For example, you can offer free shipping to all Black Friday purchasers (or free shipping to customers who spend a certain amount). You can also bundle complementary items. This will allow you to sell products that go together at a slightly higher price than if you sold each item separately at a discount. You could even combine different offers. For example, if a customer purchases a TV and a Blu-ray player (bundling) then they qualify for free shipping.

Cyber Monday  As previously mentioned, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to work on retaining customers. And we all know that once Black Friday is over, all of the big-time online shoppers out there are gearing up for Cyber Monday. That said, you could hand out coupons to customers that must be redeemed on Cyber Monday to take advantage of even more great deals. Or, you could hand out other coupons that will expire right before Christmas time. This will continue to encourage customers to buy from you once the Thanksgiving rush has ended.

We hope that these ideas help you to come up with your own creative ways to market for Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.

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