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SEO for Google Caffeine: Has Your Rank on Google Been Threatened?

Have you experienced a dip in organic traffic recently or does your position on Google’s SERPS change drastically month-to-month?  If so, consider this:  Google’s recently made some big changes.  With Google Caffeine now up and running, what does that mean for your website?  With timelier results, social media’s greater prominence, and emphasis on keyword strings, you can expect a shuffle as well as changes in rankings.  Let’s discuss why.

What is Google Caffeine?
Google caffeine is Google’s new web indexing system, providing 50% fresher web results then the previous index, as well as the largest amount of web content ever offered to searchers.  You’ll now be able to find news stories, blogs, forums, tweets, videos, and relevant content with recent results given greater prominence.  You may find that web pages and other web media will appear much sooner after published.

Why Did Google Develop Caffeine?
Web content is no longer limited to web page form, it’s evolved to include videos, images, news, real-time updates, and other forms of media that all need to be taken into account, especially as web pages are displaying these features as well.  As web content blossoms both in diversity and volume, searchers expectations have changed.  They want fresh, relevant results and they want their recently published content to be found instantly.

How Does Caffeine Work?
Google’s old index was made up of several layers, some refreshed more frequently and quickly then others.  The main layer of index was updated every few weeks or so—creating a delay of when content was published and when it’d become available for searchers.  Caffeine updates Google’s search index globally and continually so information is fresher.  Caffeine tackles the growth of online information and presents it to searchers with greater comprehensive abilities, speed, and relevance.

What Does This Mean For Your Website?
Caffeine won’t have a direct impact on your rankings but you’ll certainly see changes.  To keep up with the ever evolving and growing web, your content and web pages will be searchable moments after being crawled.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that pages will get crawled on a more frequent schedule, it means that they’ll be displayed in search results more quickly.  Yes, competition for web rankings is going to get tough.  Why?  Because there’s a lot more content that’s going to be competing for top rankings, specifically older content facing fresh and recent content given priority by Caffeine.  Content is also going to be more frequently added to the index.

Philadelphia SEO Strategies:  Success With Google Caffeine.  Is Google Caffeine an opportunity or a possible threat for your web visibility?  While you’ll be facing more competition, Philadelphia Internet Marketing companies provide you with the opportunity to compete with websites that you were once unable to.

Philadelphia SEO  Strategies for Ranking Well With Google Caffeine:

  • Philadelphia SEO expands and continually updates site content for better keyword targeting and relevance.
  • Consult with a Philadelphia Internet Marketing specialist to effectively use Social Media to your advantage, as you’ll find these results integrated with Google’s regular display.
  • It’s crucial that your Philadelphia SEO company monitor your competitors more closely, as their efforts will be taken into account by Google too.
  • Long tail keywords are of greater importance.  Philadelphia SEO can re-evaluate current keywords and capture new keyword phrases for you.
  • Of course, your web site should have a clean layout, structure, and optimized code.

If you’re worried about your Google rank, Philadelphia SEO companies and Philadelphia SEO specialists deliver value to online customers, and caffeine will do a better job of measuring and delivering that value.

Philadelphia SEO and Philadelphia Internet Marketing makes it possible for you to rank well with Google Caffeine, with strategies that produce content frequently and make good use of Social Media. While Caffeine won’t destroy your current rankings, you’ll find that everything will become a lot more competitive because of the greater amount of information fed into the index.  Philadelphia SEO and Philadelphia Internet Marketing know that while you face more competition, so do your competitors.  Targeted content and good use of social media outlets are more important then ever.  SEO requires regular site maintenance, fresh content, and link building strategies that are ongoing.  Find out more about what an Internet Marketing company in Philadelphia can do for your website rankings.  Contact a SEO expert for further details on Google Caffeine and what it means for your site.

Erica Ronchetti works for Boomtown Internet Group, a Philadelphia SEO company. Boomtown Internet Group is a Philadelphia Internet Marketing company whose services include Web Development & Internet Marketing.

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