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What is Blog Trackback?

Blog Trackback is a link-back method for blog authors to be notified when somebody links to their blogs and other resources. The term blog trackback is generally used for every type of link-back. It will help them to identify the sources of links to their blogs. It is a form of acknowledgement which is sent by the network signal of the source website to the destination website. The term blog trackback is generally used for every type of link-back. The destination website publishes link back to the source website to signify its reliability.

Blog Trackbacks is a blogging feature that can facilitate easy communication between blogs. If two website/blogs are following blog trackback protocols and any new entry or comment is made at another blog, both commenting blogger and receiving blog will be notified. Links, along with a typical summary, are displayed on the receiving blog. Trackback facilitates communication spanning multiple blogs and is easy for users to follow. It is a sort of traffic technique, which includes leaving multiple comments on a blog but requires much less effort.

How to Send a Trackback?

Weblog software handles trackbacks in different manners. Bloggers have the flexibility to switch trackbacks off or make it mandatory for trackbacks to be approved before being published on the website. Some weblogs will trackback automatically.

To send a trackback you need to manually enter a trackback URI in your blog. To find the trackback URI at the end of your blog post search for Trackback URI or similar term in your blog post.
In the case of a wordpress blog there is a trackback input box section where you can search by entering trackback URIs and URLs. You just need to copy-paste the trackback URI from the blog that you wish to link to. When you click on the Publish option, the blog will send the trackback. Website/Wordpress blog will confirm after sending the trackback.

How to Fetch Traffic from Blog Trackbacks?

When you trackback a blog post you leave a link that points to your website. Anyone reading that particular blog may click that link and visit your blog.

Should Blog Trackbacks Be Used or Not

Blog Trackback were designed to solve the link back problem. However as it’s easy to use and can be automated, spammers often use it for their MFA (Made for Advertisement) sites. They used these features to just visit a website and generate easy traffic. In many cases blogs now get more than 98% of trackbacks from these spam websites. Please note Google is very serious these days about where a website gets links and where it links to. If someone trackbacks your blog you will get a link form them, however it’s does not have very much significance to Google even when you approve a Trackback (as soon as you approve a trackback, you give a link to the blog which trackbacked you). Therefore it strongly recommended to review each trackback before approving it. If you are in doubt about approving a certain trackback you should just disapproved it.

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