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Claiming Google Places Listings When Addresses Are Different

Should I claim my Google Places listing if the physical address is different from the postal address?

Yes. Even if the two addresses differ, you should still claim your listing. Unfortunately PO boxes do not count as a physical address and using one will actually have your listing removed from Google Places. However, there are two options local business owners have when this issue arises. The first is to rent a UPS mailbox at your nearby UPS store. You can list the UPS store’s physical address as yours with the mailbox number as a suite number. The second option is to use your home address when signing up for a Google Places listing but then choosing to hide it on your profile.

Claiming Google Places Listings

Other items to include when claiming your Google Places Listing:

  • The real business name, no tag lines included
  • The local business phone number with a local area code instead of a toll-free number or answering service number
  • A URL that directs to your unique local web page. For example, if you are a chain restaurant with locations across the country, make sure the URL takes visitors to your business’s landing page.
  • Up to 5 categories classifying your business (start with Google Places and try to keep the categories the same across all directories). Test which categories will give fit your business best – search different keyword combinations and see what competition comes up in those Google Places results
  • Complete every section of the business listing, including the business description
  • Utilize the offers and coupons feature to attract new business

Claiming your Google Places listing with a legitimate address and fully completing your listing will bode well for your business as local competition online increases.

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