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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

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Recently, a number of our clients have expressed interest in running aspects of their own social media accounts. If you’ve never used social media for marketing (or for any professional purposes) before, it can be a little tough to know where and how to get started. So I compiled this very basic, easy-to-follow overview of best practices for social media marketing.

Do's And Don'ts Of Social Media Marketing (2)

If you’re unsure which networks you should be focusing on, it can help to check out what your competitors are doing. Where are they having success? Where are their posts and content being shared the most? And if that doesn’t work, try looking at the industry as a whole. Where is most of the relevant conversation taking place? Where do the most influential personas interact with each other?

If you’re interested in starting up a new (or refreshing an old) social media strategy for your business, Boomtown can help you create a plan, gain followers, and share awesome and unique content with your audience. You can contact us anytime for more information.

Additional guidelines for how to create and execute a strategy that fits your audience can be found here.