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New Keyword Tracking Tool for SEMRush

Recently several big companies like SEOMOZ and Raven Tools have made plans to eliminate SERP(keyword tracking tool services) reporting from their services. With SEOs scrambling to find solutions to replace them, other big sites are stepping up to take over.

Semrush Keyword Tool Campaigns
SEMRush has introduced its beta testing for its new keyword tracking tool! This tool will allow you to compare various keywords by search volume and CPC to better enable you to see which keywords are working for you and which are not. This is another way SEMrush can be utilized to gather the data you need and gain the traffic you want. In order to take advantage and join in on the beta testing, you just need to log in and use the program as usual. If you want to join but haven’t so already, all you need to do is sign up and log in as well.

Beta keyword tracking tool Set Up

Semrush Url Selection

Setting up campaigns are very simple and can be done to the root, subdomain, subfolder or even URL.

Location Selection

Semrush Keyword Tool Location Selection
Choosing the location has never been simpler. You can select location by country, region or city.

Semrush New Campaign
Once you have selected your competitor and keywords (up to 100) and submit your campaign, it takes up to an hour for your campaign to be created (in my case 5 minutes with the one keyword). I’ll be trying out several campaigns and reporting the accuracy of this new beta tool.

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