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Why an integrated blog is a key element of web development in Philadelphia

Boomtown Internet Group wants you to get the most out of your online marketing efforts, so in our services for web development in Philadelphia, we always recommend that clients have a blog created that integrates perfectly with their website.

Why is a blog important? Several reasons. Search engines like to see sites that feature new content on a regular basis. Static sites tend to be ranked lower because search engines look for the most relevant content out there, and when they see a site just sitting with nothing happening to it, it is assumed the content is becoming outdated and, therefore, not as relevant.

With the creation of a blog, our experts in web development in Philadelphia provide you with the opportunity to attract visitors in ways your website can’t. We do encourage the occasional addition of subpages to websites – we want fresh content there, too. But a website has a different objective than a blog. A website is the prime selling tool that takes readers through key areas such as products, services, history, ordering, etc. We don’t want to overload a website and dilute its selling message.

A blog, on the other hand, can grow with an unlimited amount of content, because its key objective is to spark some interest and direct people to the website. We create lots of blog sites for our clients as part of our web development in Philadelphia work, and we like to use WordPress because it’s versatile, customizable and easy to manage.

For years people have thought of WordPress as a place for amateurs to ramble on about their trip to Hollywood or their favorite musicians. But you can own WordPress and have it hosted on your own domain – meaning the address will read, rather than Web development in Philadelphia can fully customize an SEO-friendly WordPress blog with thousands of plug-in and theme options to give you the exact functions and look you want.

Many of our clients request that we create and post the content on their blogs, and we’re happy to do so. Our writers are skilled in creating posts with relevant content and the “hottest” keywords that will attract search engines. You can also post your own pieces in WordPress’s easy administrative dashboard.

There are many more exciting elements to our web development in Philadelphia process, particularly where blogs are concerned. If you’ve got a website that’s becoming static and want an active blog to get more site traffic, we’ll show you exactly how to accomplish it. Call us at (888) 454-3330, or you can contact us through our website

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