The buzz line for the newest site we’re beta testing is: “brings together the best of photography, writing, and social media to be the next big thing in travel reviews.” We love social and how it’s being used to make every day tasks easier, so we were happy to get earlybird access to, the newest travel review website that aims to create simple ways to share your travel stories with others. They believe that photos are powerful and ‘stepping out of your front door and heading off to a new destination’ is the healthiest one can do. After signing up, reviewing a local spot and reading others’ posts, I’ve officially got the travel itch and can’t wait to get out more!

Upon further exploration, I’ve discovered that TripTease is a clever and aesthetically pleasing way to write and read reviews of your present and future favorite places to visit.




Within 2 minutes of signing up, I had already finished writing a review, uploading a photo and rating the bowling alley I was at.


Websites like Yelp and Google reviews are more business formal, layout wise. But TripTease is user friendly and the website screams, “personality”. It’s a fun way to share your stories with businesses and friends all while making it easy.



  • Minimalistic website and user interface
  • Customizable review and profile layout
  • Easy to search for places and cities
  • Simple posting
  • Easy to follow other users
  • Magazine like review layouts in the ‘search’ area.


  • Some fonts are too small/thin on the reviews, making it hard to see who wrote the review and what they said


As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. There is nothing better than a social networking site that has an easy to user interface and a simple layout. There is a designated section for each part of the review for photos, comments and a simple tag line.


When hitting the ‘explore’ option by the ‘add a review’, you will be guided towards a webpage filled with witty categories to make your search for new places, easier. When you click it a category, it shows the hottest places so far in that area.



TripTease uses imagery to it’s finest to pull you in and create a great atmosphere, using striking photos from around the world.


How to join in on the fun:

Signing up is super easy as you can just click one button to log on through Facebook. This will make it easy to share these reviews with friends and have them join in on the website everyone will soon be raving about. That’s it! When signing up through Facebook, it takes your photo and name automatically. Of course, you can customize your profile to your liking or keep the lovely default layout:


The ‘total affection’ adds up how many comments, likes, views and followers you have to give you your total affection number.

To get this number up, you simply just comment and like other’s reviews! Pretty simple, right? They even make commenting easy for you with 6 presets:



Just like my trip to Wonderbowl, Triptease was fun! I will most definitely be writing more reviews using the new website and reading others’ to discover great new places.


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