In the beginning, “Google” was a proper noun. As the internet search company expanded and kept producing amazingly sophisticated technology, the proper noun eventually became a verb, as well. Today, we “Google” things – and search engine optimization in Philadelphia helps businesses and organizations get their share of all those “Goggles.”

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. Philadelphia companies who depend on the web as a major part of their marketing efforts are constantly looking for ways that SEO can help them get more exposure in their markets. Increasing direct website traffic through search engines is one way. But there are other, indirect ways a business can improve its site traffic numbers.

Boomtown Internet Group doesn’t rely on search engine optimization in Philadelphia to drive surfers only to our clients’ websites. We create other online “places” to attract visitors and then send them to the websites.

For example we write monthly articles for our clients and submit them to popular article web rings. The articles are keyword-rich in order to attract searchers looking for what the client does or sells. They are written to inform (in other words, they are useful to readers), but their usefulness to a Boomtown client is a bio at the end of the article with a link to the client’s website.

We strongly encourage our clients to have a blog connected with their site. The blog will be gradually filled with relevant pieces written from the client’s viewpoint and, as with articles, filled with the correct keywords as well as links to appropriate pages on their main site. Those who perform search engine optimization in Philadelphia know that Google and others love to see places where new content is being regularly added.

Beyond SEO articles and blog posts, we create and distribute press releases for our clients. Here the news angle is more important than a keyword strategy. Press releases get read by people interested in whatever the news topic is, and there’s always a link to our client’s website to draw readers to it.

Guest-blogging is another effective way for readers to find our clients through search engines. In this task, we find blogs that are written about something that relates to what a given client does, and we request to submit an informative guest blog to the site. These posts include appropriate keywords and a link to our client’s site.

But this is just one piece of our broad-reaching strategies for effective search engine optimization in Philadelphia. If you’d like to know how what we do can make what you do more successful, give us a call at (888) 454-3330, or contact us through our website.

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